2020 has been a strange year for all of us, with plenty of ups and downs! Joe Biden has become president elect while Donald Trump contests the results, the UK (technically) left the EU and a non-English language movie won the Best Picture at the Oscars. Most memorably, however, Harry and Meghan quit the royal family!

To top it all off, a new strain of virus has developed causing a global pandemic and completely changing the way we operate and work in our daily lives. However, experts believe that the threat of TikTok will likely dissipate in 2020, as global herd immunity builds.

In all seriousness, Covid-19 has had a genuine impact on how we live our daily lives. Impacting millions globally and taking loved ones from hundreds of thousands of families. From lock-downs and masks, to working from home and social distancing, 2020 will likely be a year we won’t forget. However, as we approach the Christmas Holidays and look forward to spending time with our families, in some cases for the first time in 9 months, we see hope in 2021 with the rollout of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in the UK. Despite this, for the remainder of 2020, we don’t want to take any risks which could jeopardise the opportunity we have to spend time with our families this Christmas.

Therefore, for this year only, Loughview’s in house Santa Clause, Emma Loughlin, will not be delivering presents to all our amazing clients (those on the nice list anyway!). Instead, Loughview decided to make donations on behalf of our clients to four fantastic local charities, from the 1st to the 4th December. Each charity was chosen by the Loughview team due to the great work they deliver for the local community.

First up was a donation to local legend Barney Campbell, who selflessly dedicates his time collecting toys, food vouchers and raising money for any families that are struggling this Christmas. Without the great work that Barney does, those in need would likely not get the Christmas they deserve. Thank you Barney!

Loughview Timber Charitable Donation to Barney Campbell

Loughviews Managing Director, Niall McCartan presents donation to Barney Campbell

Next up was mental health charity P.I.P.S. Collected on behalf of the charity by Pádraig Harte, P.I.P.S works tirelessly to support those who are considering or have considered ending their own lives. P.I.P.S also delivers suicide prevention training to help increase the awareness of the risk of suicide and ensure individuals have the knowledge necessary to signpost someone to all the sources of help available.

Loughview Timber Donation to PIPS

Pádraig Harte accepting a donation on behalf of P.I.P.S from Loughview Managing Director Niall McCartan

For the third donation, Southern Area Hospice was chosen for the absolutely amazing care and support provided to patients living with life limiting illnesses. Delivered to Sandra Mahood, Corporate Services Director at Southern Area Hospice, by our very own Emma Loughlin, we couldn’t be happier to supporting such an amazing charity!

Loughview Timber Donation to Southern Area Hospice

Sandra Mahood accepting a donation on behalf of Southern Area Hospice from Loughview’s BDM, Emma Loughlin

Finally, Loughview donated to the local Ceara Special Education School in Lurgan.  Loughview Timber would like to wish all the pupils and staff a very happy Christmas and hope that this small donation can help deliver important resources for the students.

All of the above charities rely heavily on the generosity of local people, companies and the support of their volunteers or staff. Loughview have made a small donation to each on behalf of our clients this year. We would like to ask our clients and suppliers, that rather than send us gifts this year, please support your local charities instead. Links to the charities mentioned above can be found below.

Thankyou from the team here at Loughview Timber, and have a very Merry Christmas!