About Us
Situated just outside Gilford, beside Kernan Lough, Loughview Timber is a progressive company.
Established in 2009 Loughview Timber works closely with prestigious construction companies
throughout Ireland and the UK. Our team of craftsmen have the expertise to provide our clients with
a complete overall joinery package. Our products range from timber external door sets, fire rated
doors, staircases, windows, all variations of internal door sets and screens.
We at Loughview Timber apply the highest standard of quality and service. We operate a quality
management system ISO 9001 which gives our customers the peace of mind that they will receive
only the best products and service from our highly skilled workforce.
Loughview Timber offer an extensive range of door’s which meet the requirements of all commercial
and residential tenders. Loughview Timber can supply doors for the following industries;
Door sets are manufactured to meet legal and standardised requirements specification. Various
alterations can be made to suit certain areas of the Hospital, Clinic etc all door sets are made to
comply with fire certification, acoustics and health and safety features. Loughview Timber , have a great portfolio of work which also includes schools across Northern and Republic of
Ireland. Door sets for the education sector fall under the same remit as Health however door
finishes and glazing requirements may differ.
Residential /Social Housing Schemes
Internal Door sets are a cost effective and time saving choice for most contractors. These quick
turnaround door sets are supplied with doors and frames pre-assembled. Ironmongery (Door
Handles, hinges, locks etc) can be supplied fully factory-fitted. Door sets with in this industry must
be acoustic rated within legal decibel guidelines.
Loughview Timber  is accredited by UKAS Management System 014, ISO 9001.